Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update

The Weekend: Movie Weekend! I saw Taken with Callie (good intense guy movie--makes me not want to travel to Europe), and He's Just Not That Into You with Ash. Had lunch with the college girls (Jessie and Alycia) and Natalie. Sunday, Church, Hot Dogs for the Homeless, and Coffee Shop. Reminder to Self: Visiting the Mall on Valentines Day means that you will see a LOT of high school couples running around and making out. Yuck. Almost took home a puppy from downtown. I won't lie. I almost dog-napped it.

Where I am at the moment: In the office. On Presidents' Day, wishing I was home in my jammies :).

On my to-do list this week: Confirmation, Shop-a-holic?, Cuppies and Joe with the Murphs, maybe seeing baby Claire :), writing a couple articles/talksheets for thesource, visiting hotels for ok'd, mailers, filing my taxes. Pretty Normal Week, really.

Procrastinating about: Work, in general

Book I’m in the midst of: Not anything in particular. Any suggestions?

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: Still Blake and Kate, but Also, She is Love by Parachute, VA (acoustic version--yes it's from the nivea commercial-don't hate)

Next trip: May for Sydney's graduation, or perhaps March if I plan a trip to the C- to the O to visit the Wright (which is sounding better and better all the time)

How I'm feeling about this week: oh fine. I'm really feeling the need for a vacation.