Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This Friday, I meet my intern supervisor, Myron Harms. I'm nervous and excited. Right now, I have no worries about my internship church. Tim (our placement director) did such a good job finding a church that fits me, I can handle oklahoma. It seems like everything I asked for in a church is in place. I asked for a church with a school, and Messiah has a new school they are starting, I asked for a DCE supervisor, and got one. Everyone of my requests was answered. The church seems like an answered prayer. Once I get there, that might not be the case, but for right now, I think that God has truly called me to this church.

Now onto bigger things. Last night, I saw a presentation on the peaks and valleys of spirituality. Lisa Hellyer, a DCE in the field, discussed the challenges of being a DCE and keeping faith. She said that so many things that hit home to me. It made me feel a little vulnerable, a little like I was possibly see-through to those sitting near me. The idea that you're going through a spiritual valley is personal, and your pride takes a big knock when you admit that you are in one. However, the Gospel of Lisa's message is that God is still there, always there, always prevalent. She said that "God doesn't knock us around when we're in a valley. He comes in gentleness. Generally, we've been knocked around enough." Our God is a God of gentleness and love and it is because of love that we go through the valleys and because of His grace that we make it out of them with a stronger faith and a closer walk with our Lord.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well here's my new blog mainly dealing with my life as a DCE intern.
First off, I'm off to Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City, OK working mainly with youth and children.
More later