Thursday, November 29, 2007

(Some More) Pictures

1. Cousin Matt "contemplating"
2. Syd, Grampy, Zac, Me
3. Sisters, Sisters... never were there such devoted sisters (my mom and her sister)
4. Cheers! Jessie and I at Ok'd
5. Sponge Bob visited our hotel room. I got his autograph!

More adventures in dce-ing or kids say the darndest things

Before thanksgiving, I asked the kids to write a song entitled "We three Kings of Israel Are" to the tune of "We Three Kings of Orient Are." (Are you humming the song yet? Don't worry, you will be) They were supposed to use the song to tell about the Three Kings of United Israel: Saul, David and Solomon.

My favorite (though not as funny with them not singing it) is the following by one of the boys:

"We three Kings of Israel Are. D-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavid." (and that was the second verse)

Other great lines:
"We three Kings of Israel Are, Saul, David and Solomon... We are different oh so different, why don't you listen to this, Oh Saul is strong and mighty too, but he disobeyed God now. He's not gonna stay crowned and that is just too bad"

"We three Kings of Israel Are, off the throne we all once fell, all of us God once helped up, but the throne we've given up, Oh David, Saul and Solomon, not Kings now but way back when, now they're looking down from heaven waiting for earth's time to end"

"Solomon, David's son, life as King is not very fun. I worshipped many, but there is only one, so God punished my son, Oh David, Saul and Solmon, not Kings now but way back when, now they're looking down from heaven waiting for earth's time to end"

Today, in religion, while talking about loving your enemies I asked the kids how they could apply this in their life. We talked a lot about siblings as the "enemy", so I issued a challenge. I asked them to write down, "Instead of (example... hitting my sister), I will (example... play a game with her instead)" and think of a specific person they could practice that on this week. I'm not sure if some of them got it. Here were my two favorites...

"Instead of murdering, I will love my enemies" (I asked the boy if he had killed someone before and he said, no... whew)

"Instead of fighting with my sister, I will give her all my money" (ummm, ok, sure?)

I love these kids.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

(some) Pictures

1. Some of the girls at Ok'd
2. My godson, Christian and myself (and I am embarrassing him mightily)
3. The grandchildren present at thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The problem being in the "land of no internet" is not the absence of the internet and reliable cell phone service, but it's how perversely behind I am in everything when I return to the land of modern conveniences. (That kind of makes my parents sound like they are amish). I always feel a bit of culture shock at the return of things like DSL, Texting and Cable. Those luxuries at my parents feel like necessities here.

Who needs to travel overseas when you can travel to a small farm town to experience such a radical change in living?

Monday, November 19, 2007


For the 7 of you that read this, I'm heading to Illinois for Thanksgiving with the fam for the next 7 days, in which time span I will spend a lot of time eating turkey, playing cards, seeing old friends, hanging out with cousins, spending time with the sister and brother, and other holiday type adventures. All of these doings leave very little time for internet (also because I'd have to drive into the town library and pay $1.00 to check it).

An update from Ok'd and from thanksgiving when I return. Try to contain the excitement.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Look it up.

In Confirmation on Wednesday,

Faisal: Miss Hannah, do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No, why?
Faisal: Want to go out with me? I'll take you to Golden Corral!
Me: That's ok.
Faisal: Miss Hannah?
Me: Yes, Faisal?
Faisal: I looked your name up in the dictionary and I found it right next to kaBLAM!

Class was pretty much shot after that.