Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm back from Illinois, which was a good trip home, despite the circumstances. In between the inevitable hard things, I took some pictures:

1.Miller Men (Everett, Dad, Crazy Jake, Don)
2. Syd, Aunt Katherine and I
3. Syd and the tree we planted for Uncle Dan
4. Little Woods (or the 100 acre woods that I called them when I was younger)
5. I made my mom "sneak up" on the fake deer. She caught him.
6. Illinois = tractors
7. Part of Aunt K's Garden

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye...

There was a request for a non-photo'd/non heavy blog. I'll do my best. Here goes:

1) Sunday was our big "Senior Recognition Sunday" and here at Messiah we honored 7 seniors as they look toward their futures away from high school, their families and Messiah. At the end of the service, we called them forward; Pastor read the prayer for sending of called workers (which was pretty cool, actually) and then the parents came forward and said the blessing over them.

The class of 2007 has been a pretty amazing class and they were one of the reasons that I first fell in love with the youth and their families at Messiah and one of the big reasons that I chose to stay after internship. I've been amazed and humbled by their faiths, talents and accomplishments. It'll be hard to see these guys go. Congratulations!

2)As mentioned in a previous blog, I'm moving to a new apartment, adopting a roommate and a step-dog. All that fun begins tomorrow with the signing of the lease and the giving of the keys.

Each morning for the past few weeks, I've woken up, hoping that packing and moving fairies will have done all the work for me (as well as kill the brown recluse spiders lurking in my cardboard boxes). Thursday, moving day, will be quite the adventure as both Lindsey and I are throwing all of our things into the new apartment and then skipping town. Ask us in 3 weeks if we've had a chance to unpack yet. Chances will be that we haven't. Why can't I unpack this weekend you ask?

3)Because my good friend from Alaska, Jamie J will be a mere four hours away in Springfield, MO celebrating her sister's graduation, so Friday and Saturday will be spent with all the Jennemanns and partying like it's 1999.

(Jamie's the one on the left holding a pepto bismol pink "answer me Jesus" on the infamous "too much sugar" night in Orlando. This photo is also titled "the reason Hannah may never get married")

4) VBS is three weeks away and counting, which is very, very exciting and a little nerve-wracking. When are you ever prepared for 200 children to charge your doors? I've officially abandoned my music favorites for the likes of "Great Adventure" by Steven Curtis Chapman (Saddle up your horses... we've got a trail to blaze) and "Awesome God" to prepare for the Western-themed VBS and am on the hunt for cowboy boots and flannel shirts. I'm pumped. VBS is better than Christmas Morning! Not to mention Sarah Wright will be flying in to hang out and help and carpool to B's wedding at the end of that week.

5) After VBS, summer officially begins, which I'm determined to take one week at a time and am looking VERY forward to vacation in August and a nice long nap.

I think that's about it.

Off to Graduation number 1!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

These last few weeks...

Don't expect Blog Brilliance in this post, it's mainly pictures

At the Arts Festival (or mainly just a time for me to dork around with the statues)

At the All Lutheran Schools Track and Field Day

<--(Little Hannah and Big Hannah or Hannah Squared)

(My very favorite second Graders) -->

At Tennis State

Real blog later.