Sunday, October 31, 2004

I know that I just updated this, but I figure it's reformation day so why not be a little festive and post a little somethin' somethin' ;).

Well, I'm on extreme survival mode the next three weeks until OK'd In Christ (our district gathering) occurs. Until that point we have something for either middle schoolers or for our high schoolers each weekend, and luckily we have two events on the same day. (I so did not plan that). After Ok'd means that I get to go home for THANKSGIVING and my Grandpa's 80th bday!I think that overall, Ok'd will be a great time, it's just surviving until that point. It has been "mass chaos" as one of my youth says and continues to be so. We have people canceling, signing up last minute, not turning in forms... oh the life of an intern.

In social news, it seems that the forecast has become slightly less gloomy. I went to a Halloween party last night and had a good time. Kristy Horrocks the other intern in OK was invited from a teacher at her school and then I was invited through her, but Kristy ended up going to lincoln so I went anyway with another someone I know from her church but didn't know too well. It was a good time and I had fun getting to know some people at least somewhat close to my age. It's too bad the party was in Norman (an hour away). I May have to travel down to Norman to check out their young adult ministry at the church there and see what's hoppin'.

All in all life is good, though busy. I'm missing and appreciating my seward girls more than ever and am looking forward to January which is really just around the corner, especially now that it seems they've been snatched and we have boy news to catch up on ;) .

Happy Reformation Day!

P.S. The whole "Fall back" thing is the best invention known to man. We should do it every day! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Well, life has been crazy here, how bout ya'll? (That's my new found Oklahoman Slang ;))

I survived my first university supervisor visit 2 Fridays ago. Tim Rippstein came down from Concordia and evaluated my work and I got two free meals that day! WOO! Overall, it was painless and very affirming.

Then this past monday-wednesday I went to a churchworker's conference for our district. I grew so much from those three days. One thing in particular struck me and so I'm going to share it here... like it or not.

The speaker, Rich Bromfield, said that we need to have empty hands that we present to our Lord. If our hands are full of our own stuff, we can't serve him properly. If we continue to present empty, willing hands ready for service, he'll continue to fill them with blessing after blessing.

Give us clean hands,
Give us pure hearts
Let us not turn our souls to another
God Let us be a generation that seeks
That seeks your face oh God of Jacob
Oh God let us be a generation that seeks
That seeks your face oh God of Jacob
Give us clean hands,
Give us pure hearts
Let us not turn our souls to another.

~Give us clean hands~ Passion Band

Have a happy halloween!