Monday, January 15, 2007

Musings Of A Snowed In Extrovert...

The worst part about winter weather in oklahoma city is the lack of road crews to clean it up. A quarter of an ince of sleet parlayzes the city for 3 or 4 days. Panic! ensues at Walmart. All the staples fly off the shelves at an alarming rate. Want water? Too bad! They're out.

Being a Northerner, used to Northern Winter Road Clearance Efficiency (from here on out NWRCE), I found myself my only meaningful social interaction (the blockbuster and albertson guys don't count) for about 72 hours.

Now, I like myself well enough. I like spending time with me. I can sleep in and I can read and I can watch movies from said Blockbuster... but for three days? At about hour 48, phone calls to long distance friends aren't enough, simulated relationships on tv aren't enough, braving the crazy drivers to go to church isn't enough. I start to crave meaningful connections... someone to be snowed in with. A presence beyond myself in my tiny apartment.

All I wanted this snowy day was a hand to reach out and say "I care about you. I'll bring the popcorn and the effort because I'm your friend."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year In Review...

Auld Lang Sine my friends.... whatever that means.

2006 has come and gone. Here are the things that topped the charts in my 2006.

1. Lots of weddings, and for those that got married, I couldn't be happier. Congrats. (I realized that a lot can happen in about a year's time). God's Blessings on the lives started together in 2006

2. Junior High drama doesn't necessarily stay in Junior High.

3. Work and personal life hit all time highs on the stress charts, that involved me taking stands, saying things that needed to be said (though I didn't want to) and doing things that needed to be done (even if I didn't want to). I moved from in favor to out of favor to having a social life to no social life and back again. I met my first full blown alligator here that made me seriously consider my call and Calling.

4. A 3 year old friendship ended quietly in June.

5. I learned that maturity is knowing when to stay silent and when to speak up. I also learned the growing up is about exercising some control over the impulses. I learned that maturity is knowing how to find validation in your own worth, in God's worth in you.

6. I learned that Tara and I like to share. :)

7. I realized that my friends from Concorida are my true kindred spirits. It can be months or years and it's like no time has passed. I learned how to make the most of the time spent together.
8. I dealt with extreme loneliness, extreme joy, extreme hurt.

9. I learned how to be a friend without expectations.

10. I re-learned how to live on my own, and better yet, how to enjoy it.

That's about it. Happy Aught Seven Blogger buddies.