Thursday, September 30, 2010


It seems that all my bridges have been burned
But you say 'That's exactly how this grace thing works’
It's not the long walk home that will change this heart
But the welcome I receive with every start
Mumford and Sons

Recently, I was asked how forgiving I was. More recently, a friend, with whom I was having a disagreement, asked how often I would allow for certain things to continue (along the lines of, "you need to teach this person a lesson.") Sunday, at church, while talking with my favorite old people, the wife said that the reason their marriage had lasted for 65 years was because it was filled with laughter, and more importantly, forgiveness.

I am no expert on forgiveness. I know that I sometimes withhold it when it is needed, or add conditions once given. I know that I don't always ask for forgiveness from those whom I have hurt.

I do know, that forgiveness, like love, has to be a continuous choice. A continual choice to let go, to not stack up lists of wrongs. To be willing to be the person that moves toward peace.

Forgiveness, like love, is something that is more about the giver than the receiver.

And, that when it is about the giving, there is a freedom in that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Song of the Week-Mumford and Sons

While I was in Denver this last month and driving about in the city during the times that my radio (which I named Lazarus for it's unreliability of always turning on) worked, I heard the song, "Little Lion Man," by Mumford and Sons. Instant love.

This week, thanks to Amazon's daily deal, I picked up their whole album and I think that this is probably my most favorite album since The Crane Wife. There are some of you, I'm sure, who are like, "Please Hannah, Mumford and Sons, you are so two-thousand and late, I've liked them since they were just Mumford."

Well, I'm late to the pop-culture party. Big Surprise.

The song that's been on replay this week is Winter Winds. You can watch the video here

Oh the shame that sent me off from the God that I once loved
Was the same that sent me into your arms
Oh and pestilence is won when you are lost and I am gone
And no hope, no hope will overcome

And if your strife strikes at your sleep
Remember spring swaps snow for leaves
You'll be happy and wholesome again
When the city clears and sun ascends

And my head told my heart
"Let love grow"
But my heart told my head
"This time no"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Want to Walk

Today is chapel day. Today, we sang one of my very favorite hymns. Today, it is my prayer.

I want to walk as a child of the Light
I want to follow Jesus
God set the stars To give light to the world
The Star of my life is Jesus.

In Him there is no darkness at all
The night and the day are both alike
The lamb is the Light of the city of God
Shine in my heart Lord Jesus.

I want to see the Brightness of God
I want to look at Jesus
Clear Son of righteousness shine on my path
And show me the way to the Father.

I'm looking for the coming of Christ
I want to be with Jesus
When we have run, with patience, the race
We shall know the joy of Jesus.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Too Much Awesome

This is too awesome not to share.

My old college roommate B sent me this in the mail... it's a HAPPY HANNAH complete with mate... (PRIMATE hahaha) Happy Hank!

On the packaging of "Happy Hannah" it says, "she's not into Hanky Panky so don't try any monkey business"

Ain't that the truth.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lost in Translation

This morning before church:

Elderly Man 1: Hannah Montana! How are you this morning?
Elderly Man 2: Montana?! Billings or Helena?
Elderly Man 1: No no--Hannah MONTANA
ELderly Man 2: Right--Montana--BILLINGS OR HELENA?
Elderly Man 1: HANNAH MONTANA--It's a TV Show
Elderly Man 2: What?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Song of the Week-Sara Bareilles

I Love Sara.

Should be sayin' that to you by now, shouldn't I?
Layin' down the law that I live by,
Though maybe next time

I've got a thick tongue,
Brimming with the words that go unsung
Simmer then the burn for a someone,
A wrong one

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not It

More than once, several people have made the comment that they enjoy, "living vicariously" through my various adventures.

Ok, it's someone else's turn.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trip in Four Parts

1. Southern Illinois:

2. Chicago:

3. Nebraska:

4. Colorado: