Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Type A

It may come as a shock (or not, really, at all), that I'm Type A. I like structure, order, plans, knowing and following rules. One of my biggest joys this week has been constructing a really well organized spreadsheet. You think I'm joking? I'll send you the google doc.

I'm also an oldest child, which means I like to do Everything. Right. And. Everything. Well. The. Very. First. Time. Which is why things like skiing, where a large portion of my day is spent falling really pisses me off. And don't get me started on crafting. Did you see those pajama pants I made freshmen year of college? They weren't so much pants as they were tents.

All that aside, this year, for me, seems to be all about letting go of plans, pushing myself (even if that means failing or not getting the result that I hope), and learning to wait and be patient in the waiting.

It's not been easy, nor necessarily comfortable for me. Remember that whole doing everything right the first time? and the liking of the plans? I'm still me, after all.

This fall, in particular, as different opportunities and new challenges and adventures are presenting themselves, I've seen how that time of discomfort, of pushing, has been preparing me.

Things that I thought were failures (or just undeniably stupid), are turning into something potentially very good.

So, I continue to wait. And to rest in God's goodness.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I heart Rethread: OKC

rethread preview from Matt Lowery on Vimeo.