Monday, November 22, 2004


This Blog is just a compilation of thoughts of the goings on of the past weekend: I have a lot to type about so, excuse the randomness

In two days, I'll be at home. I'm flying home wednesday and my good friend Mike hanel is picking me up at the airport. I cannot wait to be home and see my family! In fact, this is the most excited I've ever been to go home. I imagine that it'll be strange though too, like the first time I came home way back when I was a freshman oh so many years ago. Only this time it's different because I consider Oklahoma home (and it could be somewhere I stay for a long time not just four years... who knows), and I'm just visiting my family, instead of like at school, where I was just "going" to school there and Illinois was my home. It's hard to describe the difference but it is there. I think maybe the biggest difference is that I'm not taking a "break"... I'm taking a "vacation" Stuff won't stop around here; I just won't be here to see it happen.

This past weekend we had our district youth gathering and once again, I'm amazed at how cool my youth are. I have the best youth in the state of Oklahoma. Kristy and I's opening night games were received well and it seemed like everyone was having a lot of fun. Overall, it was a great weekend and I think that the OK district DCE's did a great job.

Talked to my good good friend Jamie J last night for awhile. We prayed over the phone for each other's lives and ministries That's probably the part I miss the most about school is the people that know exactly what to pray for before you even say you need it.

Yesterday was our church voter's meeting, so after OK'd I went to that and gave a presentation about what's been going on at the church. I was so nervous! Everyone is so kind though that they told me I did a good job :). That's another blessing in my life: this church is great. I had, I know at least 10 people come up and say that they were praying for me and for my family for what's been going on with my family this past week. That is so great (not the best word use, but Im not sure how else to say it). I feel so humbled by these people's care and concern of me. And even thoughI'm going home, I was invited to thanksgiving dinners! yay!

I am blessed. That's all there is to it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

unmotivated me

Well. It's been quite a week. It's been busy at work and crazy with things with my family. I wish that I could just be home right now, but knowing that I'll be home in 6 days is a wonderful feeling. You see, my aunt and uncles house burned down this week. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and it was just stuff, but I'm still mourning for them and for the loss of it. Another horrible, awful very bad thing happened this past week as well. My sister's friend died in a car accident. She was 16. I know that she is in heaven, but I mourn for the loss of what could have been. I miss my family and the familiar and have just wanted a hug from someone who means something to me (a hug from anyone would do though too, at this point, i'm not picky). I want someone to pray out loud with me and to encourage me. I want to be able to just drive home and go to the funeral of my sister's friend and just be there instead of sitting in my office writing a blog about it.

Now i know that things are bound to get better and I know that my family and kyra's family are being covered in prayers for them, and that gives me comfort.

I just want a hug.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

How many days till Christmas?!

Wow. It's hard to believe that it's the middle of November allready. Time seems to be running through my hands like water and I can't cup it or catch it fast enough to enjoy it. Life is good though. My social life has taken a turn for the better it seems and I get to home for thanksgiving in 2 weeks!

Blanke has stated in the past that the holidays are about the time we interns hit that downward slide of the "intern bell curve" and I can start to feel it happen. I'm homesick, and miss my family and my friends from school terribly, but who knows when I get to see them, especially those student teaching away from seward all next semester. I'm incredibly poor and tired of living from pay check to pay check (right now I have $5.00 in my account and an expensive weekend coming up). My poorness has nothing to do with bad spending habits. I had to buy groceries! This sucks. Maybe the weather is getting me down.

I am looking forward however to my friend Bethany's visit this Saturday, Sunday and Monday! YAY! and cannot wait until I can see my family at thanksgiving (my grandpa is turning 80!)
I'm just ready for a break.

So, this Sunday is our church's youth led worship and i'm pretty apprehensive about it. It feels like its been thrown together (Which it has) and that it will fall apart at the seams (which it might). All I can do, is just hang on and hold out until sunday.

Our district gathering is also coming up and that is another major stressor. I still believe that If I make it out of that alive and unscarred, it will be a miracle. Then November's over cause i'll be at home with my family eatin' turkey and green bean casserole and seeing some good friends of mine. Well... better get to work ... have a great weekend kids.