Thursday, November 11, 2004

How many days till Christmas?!

Wow. It's hard to believe that it's the middle of November allready. Time seems to be running through my hands like water and I can't cup it or catch it fast enough to enjoy it. Life is good though. My social life has taken a turn for the better it seems and I get to home for thanksgiving in 2 weeks!

Blanke has stated in the past that the holidays are about the time we interns hit that downward slide of the "intern bell curve" and I can start to feel it happen. I'm homesick, and miss my family and my friends from school terribly, but who knows when I get to see them, especially those student teaching away from seward all next semester. I'm incredibly poor and tired of living from pay check to pay check (right now I have $5.00 in my account and an expensive weekend coming up). My poorness has nothing to do with bad spending habits. I had to buy groceries! This sucks. Maybe the weather is getting me down.

I am looking forward however to my friend Bethany's visit this Saturday, Sunday and Monday! YAY! and cannot wait until I can see my family at thanksgiving (my grandpa is turning 80!)
I'm just ready for a break.

So, this Sunday is our church's youth led worship and i'm pretty apprehensive about it. It feels like its been thrown together (Which it has) and that it will fall apart at the seams (which it might). All I can do, is just hang on and hold out until sunday.

Our district gathering is also coming up and that is another major stressor. I still believe that If I make it out of that alive and unscarred, it will be a miracle. Then November's over cause i'll be at home with my family eatin' turkey and green bean casserole and seeing some good friends of mine. Well... better get to work ... have a great weekend kids.