Sunday, May 06, 2007

These last few weeks...

Don't expect Blog Brilliance in this post, it's mainly pictures

At the Arts Festival (or mainly just a time for me to dork around with the statues)

At the All Lutheran Schools Track and Field Day

<--(Little Hannah and Big Hannah or Hannah Squared)

(My very favorite second Graders) -->

At Tennis State

Real blog later.


mqzoeller said...

Wow Hannah,
those are some really good pictures. Assuming that each of them are worth 1,000 words, I think you have yet again achieved "blog brilliance". Compared to your previous post though, you did not achieve "blog heaviness", but who shoots for that as a goal anyway?
At first I thought you were really milking that cow, but then I realized it was made of wood, and that maybe you got splinters from it, which would leave you in utter pain. (ah snap!)

Jamie Lynn said...

Alright, Chica... You asked Spode for updates so I'm asking you for updates. And none of this photojournalheavinessbrilliance stuff.