Saturday, February 14, 2009

Youth Quake: A Summary

1. The Big Group! The Big, well behaved group! (I would say, be here at x time and 5 minutes before x time, they'd be there!)
2. Get Crunk 4 Jesus and our little white female flava flave and her paper plate alarm clock and her flame hat.
3. Watching Middle Schoolers devour 16+ Pizzas in one sitting.
4. The girls in my room.
5. Red Robin for dinner (and teaching them how to tip).
6. Bob Lenz
7. The Van Ride up and Sierra's "Jesus" improv... "I turn my head to west, got Jesus by my side.. I turn my head to the east... got Jesus by my side..."
8. Dinner at Mcdonalds and the whole group applauding Sierra and not knowing why.
9. Stellar adults.
10. Late Night Starbucks run
11. Hearing how Linda met her husband
12. Early morning swimming
13. Saturday night affirmations.
14. The four van caravan.

1. Sickness
2. Elevators... Oy Elevators.
3. Having to play bad cop whilst being sick on Sunday morning