Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Housing Crisis

Ok, It's not really a crisis, BUT, it is an annoyance.

Last week, I had the most perfect room arrangements for Youth Quake. After much time and ponderance, I got it figured out. Perfect. It was a great balance between breaking up some more exclusive cliques and the troublemakers and pairing people with friends.

Too bad that's not the case anymore.

Friday, a 6th grader backed out, but I was able to replace her. Sunday, a mom chaperone cancelled, but I was able to replace her.

However, these TWO minor changes, completely change the roommate situation. COMPLETELY.

Oy Vay.

Maybe I'm just overanalyzing it, but I have a healthy fear of the "this is what could happen-itis" that keeps me going back over the roommate list. Currently, I have decent housing list, BUT, it's certainly not perfect...

Do I keep working towards a better solution, or do I call it quits?