Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bad Birthdays Begone!

Perhaps it is because my birthday is smackdab in the middle of winter and I was born in a state that actually has winter (in fact, I was born in blizzard conditions and my father borrowed a snow plow to get my mother to the hospital in time--it took about 6 hours for what is normally a 45 minute drive), my birthday hasn't always been the cause for a lot of celebration. I've never been "big" on birthdays.

Perhaps that is the reason for the quite a few of my birthdays have been bad.

However, I think that the tide is turning. The past two birthdays have been a quite excellent change from the norm and a great time of celebration with friends that feel like family. Last night's celebration, I think, was the best birthday and I can say that I felt loved and felt like 27 was definately something worth celebrating. So, thanks for all those that came and made my birthday quite memorable. :)