Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Vacation and New Years' Eve Celebration

I'm stealing Moose-Tipping's idea and doing a day by day breakdown of Christmas Vacation... here goes:

Sunday December 21-
-Jessie and Alycia come over for hot chocolate a game of life (as a deterrant to them picking up boys for me at the mall)
-Mom arrives in OKC
-Boy steals coasters from our table at chilis (while we were sitting there)

Monday, December 22-
-Razr dies. (screen doesn't work but the rest of it does)
-Shopped with mom, got some sweet new red pots and pans and my nice new grey boots.
-baked cookies and watched Christmas movies ("the best way to spread christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear")

Tuesday, December 23-
-Was Lazy. A lot.

Wednesday, December 24-
-Christmas Eve Service at Messiah
-Get booty call letter from prisoner from one of my youth
-Drive to Illinois overnight with mom.

Thursday, December 25-
-Christmas Day presents at parent's house!
-Christmas Lunch/Dinner/Supper at Aunt Kate's.
-Marley and Me with the Miller Side

Friday, December 26
-Felt full force of driving overnight.
-Was Lazy. All Day.

Saturday, December 27-
-Lunch with my cousin's at Luekenbach's. Saw what a "party animal" looks like (fyi it's a coyote shotgunning a beer while wearing mardi gras beads)

-Christmas with the Stuckemeyer side. Played old school supernintendo(!) and Wii.
-Had dramatic readings of booty call prisoner letter (sadly, no videos were made), and googled said prisoner by prison number.
-Jacked the sister's sim's castaway game and played that. Became addicted. (also befriended a chimp on the game and called him chimpgeorgd. I'm not good at the typing on the psp)

Sunday, December 28-
-Drove to Springfield with the sister and parents to see family friends
-Played a LOT of sims castaway with the sister (also said things like, "befriend that chimp!" and "Quick, the hut is on fire!")

Monday, December 29-
-Loaded up rental car
-Had lunch with the Lail. Lost track of time.
-Drove to Topeka. Hung out with the Spode and her fam

Tuesday, December 30-
-Went shopping. Argued over winter shoes with the Spode.
-Drove back to OKC

Wednesday, December 31-
-Met friend Callie and her friends for dinner and dance party in an airplane hanger
-Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. Be Jealous
-Danced the new years away with some great people.

That's it, all! More pics to come!