Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bottom of the Curve

It's that time of the year again.

January, right around this time of the month (January 20-ish), seems to end up being the bottom of my emotional bell curve. Mark Blanke, DCE professor/educator extraordinairre, warned us about this back at Concordia.

He told us the reason they had their intern mid-year gathering was because that was the time we were statistically the least sastified about work/life/whatever and a gathering of friends and colleagues would be what could help us from spiraling further. Perhaps it's the close combination of having seen family and friends both at Thanksgiving and Christmas and a slightly lighter work schedule that leaves me having a bit of emotional crash.

I find myself, last night, after having a great time (and a GREAT cupcake!) at cuppies and joe, wondering, why exactly, some things had to be so difficult.

Why everything around me is changing and I feel like things are exactly the same as they were when I first moved here ...(in about three weeks from now, I'll look back and see how things aren't necessarily the same as they were a year ago, or when I first moved here).

I found myself wondering, why again, I'm having to plan my own birthday party, simultaneously dreading and looking forward to August 2009 and May 2011, when, I'll be handed the task of making a new friend circle. Again. I also have been given a lot of great romantic news from friends and family in the past couple weeks and am so very, very happy for all of them (hear that Sarah?), but it feels just a little bittersweet. It's also probably good that I don't have a trip to Colorado planned during this emotional pit because we all know that leads to some bad decisions.

I'm ready for the feeling of contentedness to return, which, I know it will in a couple of weeks.

Right now though, I just have to sit at the bottom of the bell curve and wait for it to pass.


alaina said...

I ALWAYS schedule very fun things to look forward to in February because frankly there's not much of intrinsic value in the month of February for me.
This year: a Salsa congress (don't ask. just believe that I am insane) AND a trip in Venezuela (repeat previous parenthetical statement).

Also, just a casual observation, May 2011 is over two years away.

Jamie Lynn said...

A) what's in three weeks that's so life altering? I know it's not your birthday 'cause that's sooner...

B) I echo Alaina's two-years-away comment... saywhatauhuh?!

C) What do we learn from this post? Oh, yes. Blanke has been and will always be right.

Love you chica! Maybe there should be a Girls-Only-Cruise planned soon?

hannah said...

1)3 weeks is just an arbitrary number... and usually about how long these little funks last... but it feels like it's over now. So, cheers to that

2)I know that 2011 is a far, far away time, but it just crossed my mind and added to the panic. It's not so panicky now.

3)Blanke IS always right. I miss him.

4)A cruise would be fantastic. I was kind-a thinking though, that perhaps depending on the size of my tax refund and my vacation hours I might venture northward (no promises though)

Sarah said...

I love you!

Moose-Tipping said...

Yup, feelin' the bottom of the bell curve myself. I have been so pissy with my kids lately, it's unreal. (Not that they don't deserve, the lazy slackers.) I always end up feeling like this right around this time of year, and I just have to remind myself not to make any life-altering decisions when there are so few hours of sunlight outside...

As far as this girls-only cruise is concerned, I for one am opposed.