Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inconvenient Journey...

This past weekend, the Messiah Youth Traversed to Camp Lutherhoma to Journey in January.

1. The van ride over. We didn't turn on the music, we all just talked. It goes down as top 2 van rides (number one being the trek to Ok'd with Jess where we listened to all the NOW Cd's with the girls and sang at the top of our lungs)
2. Staying in Thiemer. Indoor Showers!
3. Great Weather
4. Katrina-stellar adult leader
5. The theme-learning how God uses the inconveniences in our lives for His glory.
6. Catching up with Jenny/Pippi
7. Working on some Ms DYG stuff with Nikki
8. 4 of the Messiah kids on the planning committee (it's a big honor...) and sharing their hilarious and some sad, stories. Seeing them be leaders.
9. Saturday Night's "big event." We walked around from station to station and listened to the "stories" of some of camp people. At the end we followed them out to one of the fields and found out that they were representing Mary, Peter, Judas, and Thomas showing us how they let inconveniences get in the way of following Christ. At the end, they tied their inconveniences to "Jesus." It was pretty powerful for all the students.

1. Rocky Thiemer, the squirrell that lived in our ceiling
2. Falling asleep at 4 am on Saturday morning
3. Chatty girl in the adult group
4. Not getting to spend as much time with my youth as I had wanted
5. The hour and a half stop at Subway in Muskogee... that's the last time we stop there!)

All in all, good weekend... Onto Youth Quake!!!