Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Strange Life of Hannah Louise...

Those of you that know me know that weird things have a tendency to happen to me. Dumpster dropped on my car junior year, falling and breaking my nose on stage senior year, other random stories that Julianna says can only happen to me. Well here's another one.

So I'm at Barnes and Noble this evening after work to get the book I had ordered and to pick up a couple other books. Well, I'm at the information counter, asking where I might find Sarah Vowell books and I notice in my side-vision that two girls keep looking over at me and whispering. So, I shrug my shoulders and head to find my book (which I think is fiction).

So I'm perusing the V-fiction section and am having no luck and all of a sudden whisper girl comes over and says. "Hi I just wanted to tell you that your skirt... (my skirt? is tucked in back? ripped? what?".... is really really pretty." I say thanks and that I was really worried that there was something wrong. The girl continued to ask where I got it, and how long ago. She then asks if I need help looking for my book. I say sure... guessing she's just friendly. I realize the book is not to be found in the V-fiction section so I say something to this overly-friendly girl that I need to go check for my book. Well. I go find out from the help desk lady that the book is in Essays(or S's what I thought she said... even after she spelled it. grr to accents). The help desk lady, then seeing my look of uncomprehension takes me over to the ESSAYS and I find the book (assassination vacation-by recommendation) I'm looking for. I perusing to see if I can find Megan Daum's book of S'S (har har) as well and the skirt complimenter is back! She asks if I found the book I was looking for and I say yes... .

And she continues to talk... she asks about books and such. I notice that she's reading "I kissed dating goodbye" which I read eons ago, which led to Josh McDowell who led a discussion on the da vinci code, which we talked about a little, then she started asking more questions such as what I do, where I went to school, etc. I'm starting to think maybe this girl is just friendly by nature, or crazy when she finally says... "well I'll let you go, but I did want to ask you if you were interested in earning some extra money through a home based christian business...." she rambles on about the business for a while and how great it is before asking me if I was interested. I tell her no and she says thanks, and disappears. So I go check out with my $65.00 worth of books with the experience of being "solicited" in the bookstore.


Lots of other things going on, but I thought this was blog-worthy.


Jamie said...

Only you, Hannah Lou (that rhymes!) would get solicited in a book store... Funny part is I can see it all happening in my head :)

Codeman said...

it's, in our store, in the Film, Radio, TV section, cause she's on the radio.

also, so not fiction.

at all.

also... why Barnes and Nobles? Where's the borders love?

also...i met her.