Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Children's Message Bloopers Part Two

So, Kristy said I forgot the funniest part (which I didn't know until AFTER I wrote the first blog).
According to Pastor Henschel, the balloon floated up to the ceiling during the Nicene Creed "He ascended into heaven":)

So, after church some of our ushers rush to get a ladder and a pole and I find longer string. During the second service, I'm ready for the message to go off without a hitch... but it's like these children had NEVER SEEN A BALLOON BEFORE. They were like "What's that? WHOA THATS HIGH!! PULL THE STRING!! A BALLOON! OOOH" And I wasn't sure if it was better to jump from the train wreckage that was my second children's message and join in the oohing and ahhing or try to salvage it. So, I tried to salvage it... but the kids were so fascinated by the balloon, I just should have jumped when I had the chance:)