Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"ESP?" or a "Shoutout to Schoepp's LA101 Class"

I'll try not to make this overly sappy, but I'm kind of in that mood, so, you've been forewarned.

Vicarage Placement (for pastors-to-be) was this Tuesday. It's surreal that friends of mine are now the ones getting placed. Vicars are supposed to be old. Pastors are supposed to adults, not my friends, not my age!

My very first seward friend from day 1 of freshmen year at CU, Michelle--her fiance was placed this week. He's going to Virginia. As their wedding is this summer, that means Michelle will be going with him.

I'd like to say that I was right. I was right!!! Let's travel down memory lane (cue memory lane music)

Freshmen year--6 YEARS ago, 5 of us DCE girls from Schoepp's (pronounced shep) LA101 (freshmen orientation) class, Michelle, Jamie, Jules, Robyn and myself, became instant friends. I consider Michelle and Robyn were my very first seward friends, and Jamie and Jules the best, truest friends I have. It all started with WOW Weekend (which stands forWeekend of Welcome Weekend... we're smart like that) and our theme song "love schoepp! baby love schoepp!"). We were probably pretty obnoxious. After the LA101 class was over, Jamie and I made the prediction that more than likely, Schoepp would split us up for internship in 3 years, joking that one of us would go to Alaska, one to Florida, one to the East coast, one to California or Texas/South, and one in the midwest somewhere because he couldn't handle having us any closer than that. However, we didn't really think we'd have anything to worry about since most internship placements were in the midwest in the areas of Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Fast Forward 3 years to our senior year. After four years of the ebb and flow of friendships, those friendships remained, despite boyfriends, and roommate changes, drama, and homework and one hellish RA experience. It was placement time. Even though the internship locations are kept secret, rumors spread quickly about spots all over the U.S. Placement night drew closer and closer. About two weeks before placement we heard that there was a site in Alaska, to which Jamie said "I can pack my bags with lots of winter clothes then!"

Saturday April 3, 3 days before Placement, Jamie and I are working at the lovely pac 'n save and she swings by the deli and says "I got a call from Tim (our placement director), I'm going to Alaska" I ask if he said that in his message and she said, "No... but I just know that's why he called. I just do. Don't ask me to explain it." So Jamie calls him back and finds out that yes, there is a site in Alaska and that Jamie would be perfect for it. Jamie says yes. That day as well, Robyn gets a call from Tim saying that they've found a good spot for her in Marquette, Michigan. Robyn says yes.

Placement Day April 6, 2004. Julianna, Michelle, and I are still awaiting placement. Finally, we get our spots. Julianna-Florida, Michelle-Nebraska, Me-Oklahoma (obviously). We joke that we were pretty close to our prophecy 3 years prior.

Internships are served. Jamie, Jules, Robyn and I all stayed at our sites. Michelle didn't take a call and moved back home so she could plan her wedding and be near her fiancé in St. Louis.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006. Jacob and Michelle are going to Virginia. East Coast.

Of us five, one's in Alaska, one's in Florida, one's on the east coast and one's in the Midwest and one's in the South.

I think I have ESP.


Michael Hanel said...

Before I went to MI on vicarage I had a dream that I would go to the environs of Detroit. Now I'm a little over an hour drive from Detroit. How does that add up?

Jamie said...

No offense but that blog wasn't nearly sappy enough. There's supposed to be tears and blubbering about how much our ESP sucks! You're supposed to admit just how much you really miss us-- all FOUR of us... oh, wait. You did that on the phone last night. Okay. Nevermind :)
(P.S. I miss you too!)

Susie said...

Yes, the song at WOW weekend was very obnoxious.

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Amy said...

So since you have ESP....I give you four places for me:

(In no particular order)
3.St. Louis
4. Colorado

Now get to it prophecy maker.....


amy said...

All right Miss ESP.....give me some ESPN for next May :-)

Kristy said...

Hey Hannie~ Tell Ames she's going to Chicago... if you do it then she'll go and she can be our mid-meeting point when you come home!

Lubke-Moss said...

Does your ESP work in other areas of life like pregnancy's marriages or gaining weight? If so, I want in on some of your all-knowing-ness! :)