Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring is here!

I love Spring and I love the fact that spring comes early in Oklahoma. That said, I don't have much to say, just a need to write.

The past couple of days have been some of those busy fulfilling days that reminds me just how much I love my job. Spring break is giving me lots of opportunities to spend time with my youth and in the words of Jessie Lippert "i'm pretty sure" I love it.

Last night at coffee shoppe we had 8 youth! (a record I think!) Just enough for a rousing game of sequence (mixed in with lots of table talk, sarcasm and "code"). Good times all around.
This morning 7 kids came with me to the foodbank (7 more than I had expected!) We spent 2 hours this morning bagging corn. This was kind of challenging, and we looked oh so cool in our nifty little hairnets and matching aprons. Over all we bagged about 600 pounds of corn over all which is the equivalent of about 850 meals. I never... never... want to see that much corn again.

After the foodbank we had lunch at chili's and had a good time and it looks like the girls have picked up where Zach Ming left off in picking up boys for me (as did the girls yesterday with the Concordia acapella choir "HANNAH WE INVITED CUTE BOYS FOR YOU!!!" --boys that happen to be my friend's younger brothers...awkward). After chili's I played a couple rounds of sequence with jessie and ace. Then later, met Ace for a movie--Aquamarine. Ok movie, hokey, good parts, some decent acting... it would have been GREAT if I were about 9--but not a bad choice for a monday night movie (Where I had to pay $8.50! b/c I couldn't very well lie and use my student id. Oh well... it's matinees with the old people and toddlers from now on!)

Good quotes from today:


"It's not called gymnicestics"

hope your week is going well!


Jessie said...

haha i made the post!! YAY! "I'm pretty sure" we are the best corn baggers EVER! haha. Sequence is the best game in the world.... ttyl

Anonymous said...

haha well then im thinkin this must be the best blog yet! lol. so are you gonna reveal the mystery for tonight?

jessie said...

haha whoops! im anonymous..