Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I've been struck with writer's block. A lot has happened in the month of March and a lot I want to talk about, but there's a lot I'm still processing. Still reeling from, really.

March was an emotional, stressful, lonely month. And I didn't notice it till people started telling me to smile, till in a meeting I was told that I'd seemed like I'd lost all my joy in what I was doing.

April's forecast is looking better (and MUCH better than last april), thank goodness.... It's funny that as I look back, it always seems like whatever big drama that's going to happen, happens in March or April. Maybe march madness is a state of mind. Does anybody else feel that way? That if anythings going to happen it's going to happen in a certain day or certain week like clockwork every year?

Sorry for the short post. I'll post more after I get back from my weekend at home in ILLINOIS! WOOT!

I am super pumped about that. Can you tell? :)