Tuesday, March 07, 2006

As Requested...

I've been thinking a lot about growing up recently and I think that I'm having growing pains (unlike Jess who is having shrinking pains).

This week has contained a plethora (oooh a big word!) of unpleasant(and some not so unpleasant) things that have needed to be dealt with.

1) Going to the DMV to become a legalized Okie (yes, I know that I've lived here 18 months, but I didn't need an Oklahoma license while I was an intern and I had my illinois car under my parents name till November, so technically I'm not as bad as one might assume). Suprisingly though, my picture was good so that's a plus... I will willingly be carded now b/c I actually look female in this picture.

2)Paying my deliquent pikepass (and my 5 cent toll evasion). (Yes, I evaded a toll in true hannah fashion... I didn't mean too... I mean, was it my fault that the machine only took exact change and I had $1.00 a quarter and 5 pennies and the machine didn't take pennies? so, I sat there contemplating which was the lesser of two evils, jamming the toll machine with the dollar bill and breaking the machine, paying the quarter, getting a toll evasion notice, or backing out of the lane all the way back to the street. I paid the quarter and then went in and paid my nickel).

3)Getting my taxes prepared (and paying for last years including fees--no I didn't file my taxes last year, completely my fault, tried to file online but didn't have the right information, forgot, tried again later, failed and did nothing. Yes, stupid.)

4) Paying extra on my credit card (woot to hopefully someday being debt-free!!)

5) Going out on a limb and meeting new people (meeting people as a churchworker tends to brand you--you wear your morality as a badge and it can cause people to be weary around you until they realize you're normal just like them. That you have a job just like them. That you're just you're a basic 24 year old female just like everyone else.) I went to a Bible study all on my own and had a good time and am going back next week! look at me being outgoing! woot!

6) Asking friends to set me up with their friends. To see what happens.

7)Cutting up my credit cards... that one physically hurt. My breath got short and I spent the next few minutes putting it back together... like a puzzle!

8) Realizing that some things are slipping and sliding out of my control and I can't change it so I just have to deal with it.

I hate being a grown-up. I'm finding that each day there's some new grown-up test to take it seems like and a lot of them have to do with my own personal accountability, my own credibilty. Being a grown-up is taking care of things whether you like them or not. I feel like I'm daily being stretched and pulled and changed and molded in so many different ways. I wonder what's happening in my near future that all this is happening now. Well that's all I've got tonight folks.



Codeman said...

First, i'm the single worst speller in the entire world. my xangas should show that. very rarely do i spell check.

cause i just don't care if i spell "thier" wrong or something trivial.

i know how to spell, it's just i don't take the time.

"i know my lines, i just don't know what order they come in."

as to your post...

growing up.... it's weird. somedays, like when i moved alone, got the uHaul alone, and looked at places to live and everything, i felt like such an adult.

and then some days, reading a book or watching a movie or just hanging out... i feel so much like an early twentysomething or whatever...

and some days i feel much younger...

it's the toys r us kid thing...

and man... i don't really want to be a full fledged adult... i want to, i don't know, be one of those hollywood movie sterotypical singles who has a great place, good friends, goes out, meets girls...

but i'm too much of a guy who thinks a good time is staying home and reading.


growing up sucks. getting old sucks.

but what can we do about it?

life needs a spell check...

Codeman said...

oh, and no, running into Celebs never gets old.

it's sometimes very funny. Larry king, i went on a diatribe this weekend about never seeing him.

and bam, i pretty much run him over.

mostly i'll see someone walking or eating and i'll just smile and nod but, if they're busy, i won't say anything. and they nod and smile back, a sign of "thanks, i don't want to be ambushed by fans."

i ran into Judy Greer last week. she was on Love Monkey on CBS, also in a bunch of movies. you'd recognize her if you saw her. she actually reminds me a bit of you, come to think of it.

but sometimes it's really fun. Like if i'm at a party and keep running into Logan from Gilmore Girls... that's when i become like a little girl. And then there's times where i'ts business, and it's just pleasant conversation.

and then there's times i get drunk and make a fool out of myself to Gennifer Goodwyn. ah well.

but no... doesn't get old.

Codeman said...

oh, and the day i run into keith urban (if i even recognized him) is the day i throw myself in front of a bus.

isn't he just a poor Toby Kieth? and don't we, as good americans, as smart americans, dislike Toby keith and everything he stands for?

Codeman said...

tyler got you pretty good on Toby and Kieth...i'll just say that i've never heard an Urban song nor will probably ever voluntarily listen to one.

oh, and drama free is the way to be. it's hard to do, and it sucks, but... you get to sleep at night, so the trade off isn't that bad.

Codeman said...

Steal All My Records, posted a comment right underneathe yours.