Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Resolute 2006

And now for what you've all been anxiously waiting for...

Here are my new year's resolutions they're not terribly creative, but they're ones I think I can keep (not that I couldn't keep creative ones, but these are areas I need to work on... why am I rambling? i don't know... continuing on...)

1. Give to church. (in 05, I gave, but I wasn't consistent. I want to be consistent and give off the top, not from what's leftover.)

2. Make a budget (starting in february) and keep it (my "budget" in 2005 wasn't.... well... existent. I did live within my means for the most part and intend to do so in 2006). If I keep it, i get a reward at the end of the month (I work well with prizes... especially if it's a chance to go shopping!!) I also would like to find a financial accountability partner to keep me in track. I do better with a friend "keeping tabs"

3. Save (realistically I should save 10% of my paycheck. And I have that much leftover in theory, but right now my "savings" is going to taco bueno and panera. And all panera and taco bueno can offer me in 20 years is a slower metabolism and higher cholesterol and I can't live on that in retirement!... so saving here I come!)

4. Spend time in the Word. ( expected yes, but I've not been doin' so hot with this one recently. )

5. Find a prayer partner to meet with once a week. (When two or three are gathered...)

6. Bible study with non-Messiah type people. Attend a different church at least once a month on saturdays (it'll help my attitude of worship)

7. Make my bedroom grownup. (pictures on walls, etc.)

8. Focus on work like I've never focused before. Have a positive attitude. Ask for help when I need it.

9. Get organized.

Well that's all my resolutions for 2006. I'd appreciate comments and/or thoughts on them.


Lubke-Moss said...

You are very ambitious! I admire you for putting them in writing and moreover...for everyone to see! Now you really have to be accountable for them! Which, is probably a really good thing. If you need an anal financial friend, I'm your person. Remember.. I'm the psycho who does an itemized spreadsheet every month!
In regards to Taco Bueno - MEMORIES.... I can taste the mexican goodness right now.... I do miss the food here in FL. It might not always be a wise purchase (in many aspects) but what a way to go! YUM!
So, kudos to you for making those resolutions. I will pray for you and the success of your goals, Hannah.