Monday, January 16, 2006

Me, Myself and I

My good friend spode did a 5 random things about me post and I decided to do one myself... only I have more than 5. So here goes...

Random things you wanted to know about Hannah
Things you didn't want to know but now know about Hannah
1. My current favorite snack is Snickers Ice Cream with Pretzels... and before you say that's gross... try it, it'll change your life I swear!

2. I read a book or two every week. Mostly fiction. I have some books I have read over 50 times I'm sure.

3. Some people have comfort food. I have comfort music and comfort books. My current comfort songs? Head over Feet (acoustic version) by Alanis Morrisette and Champagne High by Sister Hazel. My comfort books? Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Spear or Spring's Gentle Promise by Jeanette Oke (please don't mock me for the second choice!)

4. I have a process that I go through every time I leave for a trip. Sleep in if it's a Friday, be lazy for a couple hours. Pack (that has an order too, but I won't bore you...much more), make my bed, Load and run the dishwasher, take out the trash, and clean up my living space (bedroom/living room/kitchen). If it's a work event that i'm going on, that puts me at work at about 1:30-2 to finish up trip stuff before I go on the trip.

5. I don't do well with things I can't control... especially if it affects me or my friends and I can't fix it.

6. I've recently re-discovered the joy of cooking and find that I'm decent at it.

7. I can't not shower.... If for some reason, I don't shower, I spend the whole day feeling like I smell and like I'm filthy from head to toe. I also have to wear clothes clothes to run errands (jeans and a t-shirt is about as casual as I get to running to walmart... I think once in my recent memory--like back in july--I wore basketball shorts/tshirt and flipflops and felt so sloppy I couldn't shop effectively).

8. I took the DH quiz and I am Bree (which is no suprise to most people who watch the show and know me)

9. I like to shop. Alot. But contrary to popular belief, I'd rather shop for other people. Then it's not my money. If I'm shopping for myself, I'd rather go by myself. I'm also a very picky shopper when it comes to buying for myself. Jamie teases me about the money I spend on clothes, but I don't really have that many and that's because I'd rather spend more money on less clothes that last than clothes that don't fit after the first or second time you wash them.

10. In the past few months I have gotten a new work computer, a new cell phone (a razr!), new car (my lovely bett e. bug!), and a new ipod (which may or may not get named). I am officially technologied out.

11. I have a three-wear rule with new clothes. Don't ask to borrow a shirt that I just bought until you've seen me wear it three times. I think that's also why I don't buy clothes too often or stick to more classic things. I have to decide in the store whether or not I can make good use (can I wear it three times in three different ways?) of a shirt/pants, etc before I will buy it.

12. I've been delegated as the communicator between friends. I like to have friends... even if they're far away and I like to keep up with them and their lives. So I'm usually the one with all the info on everyone.

13. I'm going through a pink phase and Jamie says I've turned girly since college.

14. I cleaned my office and "exorcised" it of stuff left behind. Next: Pictures and candles to take over to make it mine :) (and yes probably girly).

15. I would rather communicate by Email/Aim/Facebook/Text than by telephone to conduct "business". I usually only call friends... and only a couple of those consistently.

16. I have old woman knees. Thank you mom!

17. I am competitive. Games aren't fun unless you play to win. I annoy people with my competitiveness. The only game I consistnetly play and know that I'll lose at is Scrabble and that's because I think Scrabble is more strategy than the words you play and therefore, if I can conquer the board I could win!!

18. I have picked up a southern Drawl. Words like "fixin'" and "Ya'll" have been known to come out of my mouth unknowingly. Yikes. My worst southern drawl moment? "We're fixin' to go bowlin'" ouch. Where is my snobby yankee accent hiding?

19. Some afternoons when I'm off, I like to grab lunch and drive around. After lunch with a friend a couple weeks ago, I took about 2/1/2 hours to get home because I was exploring OKC in my trusy bett e. bug.

20. I like to write. journal. stories. poetry. But you'll probably never get to read it except for what I post here, b/c It's pretty personal and I'm scared you'll tell me its bad:)

Well there's 20 things you didn't know about me but you now know! Hope you enjoyed this segment! More about Journey in January next post!


Bethany said...

Re: pink. . . ever since our shopping spree in December, I've been aware of how much pink I have in my wardrobe. I could go to school for a week and wear a different pink top every day both in the summer and winter. At least pinks look good on Summers.

Lubke-Moss said...

A couple comments to you hannah.
1) Welcome to the South! Doesn't it feel good? Embrace your new found culture. :) Besides, you don't need to worry until you start saying things like "Darn Tootin'" (example: Does Hannah like to wear pink? Your darn tootin'!) See, that's when it gets scary - for anyone!
2) I find it freaky that you listed off two of my favorite songs. I just listed to Sister Hazel this morning!

Codeman said...

Bree is my favorite Desperate Housewife.

And you can't not name your iPod. You expect it to go through life nameless? How would you feel? It is a vital and important part of your any child, it deserves a name, a name fitting of it's glory and awesomeness.

And yeah, i don't understand people who don't shower everyday.

Dutch Not German said...

Okay, I'm with everyone. The whole Fortress album is like my favorite of all time.

We should have a name Hannah's Ipod competition.

Bethany said...

I vote for Ichabod the ipod

Jamie said...

I have to admit I already knew about 85% of those things listed. I mean just looking at you people know you don't have comfort foods! And, yes, you are getting girly-- but that's not necessarily a bad thing... just don't become one of those snobby girls like my sister ;)

And I agree with Bethany. Ichabod is definitely a fun name for an ipod.