Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Tooooooooooooo Meeeeeeeeee...

Well... it's official. I turned old. That's right, almost a quarter of a century. 24. whoo! (and apparently old enough that my dad had to ask how old I was when I talked to my parents on the phone tonight).

My birthday was rung in officially with a call from Jamie J at one in the morning just so she could be the first person to wish me a happy birthday:). Overall, thanks to birthday wishes on facebook, aim, TWO birthday posts from my friends kristy and the very lovely spoda and my favorite from the wonderful first graders who sang me a birthday rap after I taught religion for them, work flew by.

The rest of the day passed without fanfare or the dreaded birthday spankings (which I did receive from my aunt barb at the age of 19... after she chased me out to my car!) and that was ok. I read and relaxed in my new grownup bedroom (which I just love), and watched some tv.

Overall, not a bad birthday and with the promise of pf changs on thursday this week is definately looking up:).

Thanks to all who made me feel loved today.