Thursday, September 08, 2005


Ok, well, it's been a rather hectic two weeks in my life.

This whole youth ministry thing has been a rollercoaster ride and I feel like I may be getting sick from the twists and turns. It seems like there have been more downs than ups and I'm feeling a little discouraged by that. Alot of it is my fault though. I don't know what the deal is. I feel like real DCE-dom is not as great as internship. I know it's not a numbers game but I can't help but feel responsible when only 4 kids show up to something... maybe it's my lack of communication, but I know info has been out there. I feel like I'm making the same mistakes because of the same reasons that get me all the time.

Anyway enough with the ranting, that really only is a part of the title of the blog. The honorable President of our district, Paul Hartmann, says that his life and ministry are based on three P's Prayer, Persistence, Patience. To me, they're all inter-related. For example, I want to get married someday, however, I'm not seeing anyone, and I don't really think there are any serious prospects out there (unless you dear blog reader are one,in which case you should leave me a comment :)), so I pray. I pray for my singleness, for my future husband, for patience. I pray with persistence. During this time that I'm praying, I see God work, b/c he's given me the hope of my future husband and he's building in me patience.

Back to them being inter-related. I dont think you can pray without persistence if it's something you really want or something you think God has placed on your heart. By praying for something that persistently, God's going to develop in you the patience and the persistence to keep praying. see how that goes full circle? cool huh?

Ok kids, it's dinner time. Happy weekend!


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