Monday, September 19, 2005


Well after another rousing OU loss yesterday and a lazy evening watching property ladder and other such programming with linz and bekah, I was feeling kind of pensive, I guess. So, I hopped in leon the neon and after ordering a venti mocha rasberry frappucino, I headed back hom. I think it was just one of those saturdays where you need a cup of coffee and a friend more familiar and more comforting than a good book. So, I called Jamie and we talked. It's nights like those where I miss the familiar haunts of seward where a friend is only a few blocks (instead of a few states and canadian provinces) away. I miss the habit of wandering seward streets till 1-2-3 in the morning and talking about nothing and everything, looking at stars, and having the feeling that you owned the town, if only for that night. Walking was what you did when you couldn't sleep, were mad at someone, interested in someone, needed to talk something out, needed to cry, needed a laugh, needed to be there for someone else. Some of my favorite memories happened on walks.

Last night was one of those seward night walks, but not being in seward, I grabbed my phone and called my Jamie and we talked about nothing and everything and laughed and i felt like I owned the balcony on which I sat, if only for the moment.


Jamie said...

Aw, Hannie! I like our cross-country walks too! Love ya!!