Sunday, September 11, 2005

I fought the drums...

And the drums won :)

This past weekend was the annual middle school retreat at Camp Lutherhoma in Tahlequah. I'm exhausted but I had a blast. This was one of the big events that I went on last year as a brand new baby intern and it is amazing what can happen in one year, in my life, in other's lives. I have been blessed beyond belief here in Oklahoma when I stop to think about it. God has blessed me with an amazing church, good friends, and great kids with which to spend my weekend.

As much fun as the kids had this weekend, it is my prayer that they took some of the Bible study stuff to heart. The theme this weekend was "Be all you can be--in God's army" And Steve another DCE in the district talked about putting on the full armor of God and how we can be soldiers of the light, fitted for battle. One of the things that really hit me and I hope it hit the middle schoolers too was that we're witnesses and that there is someone in our lives already that God is calling us to witness to. Well that got me. For those of you that know me, you know this last month has been an exercise in the patience I prayed for last year. It's been hard and I admit that I feel a little lost about what do now. The story didn't play out like I thought it would, but I'm not giving up hope... Instead, I can continue to pray. I dont feel like God's closed the door, but I may not get the answer I want. That's frustrating, but it's ok. I hope that God can use this to open doors for me to be a witness. We'll see what happens.

Other things from this weekend. I had to be mean Hannah (yes she does exist and I don't really like her, but sometimes she's necessary) to some snotty kids who tested my authority all Saturday afternoon. Not only mine, but Bekah and Jess's too. WITH THEIR ADULTS AROUND. Anyway. I was glad crisis was adverted when mean hannah reared her ugly head. Other than that mean Hannah had to appear this morning to break up a fight between sisters in my group when they resulted to kicking each other lol. It was kind of funny. The rest of the weekend was great though. So thanks to Erin, Ashlee, Brennah , Devin, Sutton, Philip, Sam and Carol Ann for a great time. Thanks to Joe and Bekah for the adult help. :)

I realized more fully that I am NOT A CAMP PERSON. I heart lutherhoma, but it was not as posh as Heits point in missouri where laura and josh got married. Anyway, Ill be ready to head back out there 2 more times this fall and once in January after I recouperate from this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed the ramblings! More later! Night!