Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hannah-lysis No. 4

Hannah-lysis is the name of my blog when I can't think of a more creative title.

Well another week has flown by (my week officially ends on thursday in the churchworker world, b/c my day off for the week are fridays... so my weekend is thursday through saturday)

Tomorrow night Lindz, Bekah and I are going to go see Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon. Yay I'm pumped

My friend Jamie says that she's a girly girl when it comes to guys (well ONE guy in particular) but I think that we all are, aren't we? Even girls with vulcan logic and a deathgrip on reality like my "more sarcastic than House" friend julianna gets "GIRLY" when it comes to boys (she'll deny it but it's a true story. Ask her about the email that she didn't have the guts to respond to ;)) It's one thing to look at someone else's relationship and say "well you obviously need to do this" but when your own hearts involved or has the potential to get involved it gets a lot messier.

Confession: I'm usually good at not overreacting but, I'm totally guilty of overanalyzing most boy situations till it's blown out of proportion or until my friends have to say "HANNAH JUST SHUT UP" (usually its vulcan jules that comes out with that one--jamie and I just overanalyze together). Why do the right boys have the capability to turn normal sensical girls into puddles of mush?

I'm not any closer to finding the answer to this, but if you know it please tell me :)


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Dutch Not German said...

alright, as the above mentioned vulcan spoda person I would like to say that I DO NOT turn into a puddle of mush around boys. True, I am less logical self when it comes to my own romantic issues. However, I chalk this up to lack of experience rather than the general nature of things. You know I heart you, hannah, and your over analyzing ways. You, too Jamie!