Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Flight

Last night was Week four, Day 1 of the running.

So far, the running has been ok. I've pounded out the course as insructed and sometimes with far more commitment than I have felt, but since MVFMs and Cramm are also running, there's also a bit of face to be lost if I end up being "THAT girl" who ends up not being able to run more than 60 seconds at a time. So, slowly but surely, we've been adding more running to our intervals but I hadn't really felt anything other than a dogged determination to finish what I started.

Last night however, in the middle of the third interval, something clicked. Pace and breathing even out, my steps became quieter and I started feeling faster. Running seemed, suddenly, easier, exhilarating, surprising, and mostly freeing--much like the first few weeks of being in love.

On the fourth and final interval, it happened AGAIN.

It felt like I was taking flight.