Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Until They Ask Why

"Here is my question," he asked the group at large, "I always thought it was black and white, people are bad and people are good. They either believe in Jesus, or they don't." He went on to say that since he started college, he had the opportunity to meet and become good friends with people from all different faith walks. People that he liked and respected, people that he cared for, that didn't share his beliefs. His question was then, "How can you say for certain that these friends of mine are going to hell? How do you tell them about your faith when they already have that, even though it's different than yours?"

As the group talked and grappled with the answers, he told us that his plan was to, "love until they asked why."

Simple. Or not so simple.

Kind of like the faith we've been called to. Kind of like the Christ I profess to follow.

Simple. Or not so simple.

Love until they ask why.