Monday, January 10, 2011

And They Shall Call Me, "The Blur"

Welcome to 2011 my blog friends!

Somewhere along the way in the last few years, I've decided that I need to become a runner. I think, this is mostly because I am white. And apparently, I'm all about reaffirming stereotypes.

I've had this love/hate relationship with running (mostly I want to love it, but then I decide to run and I hate it and ask myself what the eff I was doing and vow to never run again). But, I've wanted to run, run well, and complete a 5k, a 10k, perhaps even a marathon someday.

Deciding there is no time like the present (or something else cliche), I signed up for this running class through a nearby running store, got some new running shoes, talked about it enough to convince Cramm and My Very Favorite Melsons (MVFM) to sign up with me and we're off to the races (ha ha, sorry). At the end of these ten weeks, we'll complete a 5k.

Over Christmas, thanks to several recommendations, I also read Born to Run for inspiration.

And I was inspired. Born to Run is so interesting and exciting that it makes you want to run for miles and miles at a time. You think to yourself, "Dude, I'll be running that Leadville 100 in a year."

But here's what happens; my expectations, not always in check with reality end up getting me in the end. I had (and still have) these lofty ideas that I will be the Best at Running Ever and I'll immediately run to Alaska like that dude in the book.

I think that I need to knock myself down a peg, because at this point, the goal of Cramm and MVFM's is, you know, not dying. And since we haven't run more than 60 seconds an interval, I'm still not sure I can complete a 5k without dying.

But, with one week down, and nine to go, I'm starting to feel that bit of inspiration and exhilaration that comes from the running. And with S. Sarah inviting me/challenging me to run Bolder Boulder with her in May, I think that running and I might have a fighting chance at a nice long relationship.