Monday, March 07, 2011

The Joy of Completion

It's been a while, I know. Stuff (or lack thereof) has been going on, and my attending to the blog has been woefully remiss.

Life, with the promise of spring, remains wonderful and full. I turned 29. I continue to train for a 5k (in which I run this upcoming Sunday!) and the 10k in May. Things are mostly good and mostly the same.

Yet, there are big changes on the horizon. Things that I'm so looking forward to. Match day for the Med Students, new opportunities for family members, exciting things for me.

As these things approach, I've been tying a lot back into this running training that I've been doing.

When we first started running, our leaders encouraged us to believe that we could do the workout set before us, if we continued with the end in sight. Whether that was a 60 second run, a 7 minute run, or this weekend, a 22 minute run(!), that we look at the beginning with the end in mind.

For me, as I've tried to adopt that attitude, there has been a joy in completion that's developed. Joy in finishing a good run, a project at work, or a very tasty dish of enchiladas for house church.

In the larger scheme of things, I look forward to the joy of completion for my friends who are finishing 4 years of study and life here and for me, whatever is next, that I continue to work and live with the end in mind.