Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Susie Highschool

I went to a high school class reunion meeting this past week when I was back in Jasper County and I realized 2 things.

1. I love Newton, Illinois. I have this immense amount of pride for my hometown and the people that still live there. While hanging out with my classmates this past week, I realized that there is something very admirable about the people who are content to live their life forever and ever amen in Jasper County. The people that want roots and extended families to celebrate the holidays with and people they've known since they were 2. There's something very attractive about that kind of stability--the kind that if you choose it, you can plan out your life from point a to point b to point c without any trouble. A straight path. Painless. And there's a very large part of me that wants this.

2. There's a part of me that doesn't want that life. I love Oklahoma City, I love Messiah, I love the fact that I have these amazing friends that are evidence of a great 4 years of college. I love that I can still visit Jasper county and be that different and exciting person. I LOVE the work I'm doing. I like that I may not know where I'll be in the next year or the next year or the next. The unknown is exciting and challenging and sometimes painful, but that's ok.

Where's the balance? I think that I can still bleed Newton Eagle Orange and Blue while rooting for the crimson and cream ;)