Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend in a Nutshell... with exclamation points.

17 Again! Track and Field Day! Ponca City! Messiah Mustangs! Farmers Tan! (Awesome.) Sonic! Saii to Go! Senior Slide Show! Senior Recital for E. Halley! El Reno! Trolley Cars! Tiny Hotels! Walking! Grocery Shopping! Live music @ the Grocery Store! SNL! Justin Timberlake! Sunday School! Senior Recognition Sunday! Jason's Deli with Jessie! Coffee Shop! PAss the Pigs! Mafia! Rain! Amazing Race! Laundry (woo.)

The End.


alaina said...

this article was written for you.

Moose-Tipping said...

OK, so here's one I'll end with a question mark. In fact, I'll use three of them.

17 Again???

Ashley said...

you should go one step further and do it in ALL CAPS!!!!!

p.s. i am sad i got nixed from your blog list :( haha what's up with that miller are you embarrassed of me?