Monday, May 04, 2009

Good Things/Hard Things

The things that were good about this weekend:
A real day off
Grocery Shopping
Ihop with the cousin Amanda as they were driving through, meeting her hubs.
The High School Praise Team leading worship at 9:30
High School Small Group and child-like prayers
The ability to mourn and move forward at the same time
A spirit of contentment/commitment from our youth as they plan the next time they lead worship
Ships and Sailors/The Body Parts Game/Rock Band/Mingle Mingle

The hard things:
Taking communion from someone who is displeased with my work (it's not my pastor)
Mourning and Moving Foward at the same time
Listening to "criticism" about plans for next year
Seeing certain things not work and not knowing how to fix them.
Seeing youth that were once outsiders excluding those that are now outside.