Monday, May 04, 2009

Child-like faith

Last night, during High School Small Group, after talking about how we were going to move forward during the summer and the next year, how and if we would be dividing our combined group, we took some time to say a prayer for our small group leader who passed away at the beginning of the year.

There was a lot of silence and a lot of tears, but it was a good time to remember and honor this loved leader. Robyn, Darren's wife and the four kids (2 high schoolers and 2 younger children, 6 and 4) were in attendance as well.

To close our small group, we took prayer requests and did the traditional pray around the circle (youth take specific prayer requests and everyone else prays at least one sentence). One of our high schoolers had requested that we pray for her family as her dad has been traveling a lot more for work and she misses having him around. As we went around the circle, Darren's 6 year old son prayed for this high schooler that their dad could be home more often because, "she misses him and it is good to have your dad around as much as he can be;" soon after, Darren's 4 year old prayed, "Dear God, Thanks for making my Dad."

I think that I underestimate how aware children are of certain situations. I always knew that the young ones missed their dad but I wasn't sure how much they really felt/understood about it. I always assumed that they were cushioned from feeling the full effects of grief because they were young. That they somehow missed their father less because they weren't old enough to feel more/know more.

Last night's experience was humbling. Not only did this 6 year old know and understand what exactly was going on in his life, but he knew enough to pray for a different outcome for his older brothers' friends. His sweet, sincere prayer was for someone else.

Amazing Child-like Faith. I wish I could be as selfless and caring in all circumstances.