Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Sunday night, on my way home after a rather intense meeting with a youth and the Morgans (who lead Wednesday Night Bible Study), I found myself wishing, quite surprisingly, that I was driving home to someone who I could share this burden with, or that I had my own someone to share who had been there with me, for me. I say this as no knock to my roommate, because she has been very considerate and understanding so far and has offered some very good practical advice on some things in the past.

Sunday night was a different kind of night. It was a night that I felt I would have been stronger had I been part of a pair. It was a kind of aloneness that took the wind out of me with the intensity of the wanting.

There is something that distinguishes couples in ministry, doing ministry together from other couples, I think. I see it in the Morgans and in the Caplingers, the couple who help Pastor the church that I attend for Bible Study. There is something about that united purpose, the purpose of working together for the good of other people that seems to strenghthen them. It's more than just loving Christ together. Perhaps it is that they are sharing together the love of Christ with others.

I'm not sure what it is, but I found myself wanting that on Sunday night. That partnership.