Friday, February 22, 2008


Last night, I went to see The Bucket List with a friend from House Church (after some excellent Panera and conversation). After the movie, I, like my good friend Matt over at Daedal Jocosity, thought for a while about what I might put on my very own Bucket List. So, here's my list of things I'd like to do in the next 50 or so years (maybe even sooner than that).

1. Learn to play guitar well.
2. Write and be published by a non-cph publisher.
3. Live in New York City for at least a year.
4. Travel to India to do mission work for at least a month.
5. Backpack Europe.
6. Fall in love, get married, have babies.
7. Meet my compassion "babies," Sergio Samuel and Jennifer Tatianna.
8. Adopt a child or become a foster parent.
9. Learn how to love without condition or expectation.
10. Travel the route of my favorite children's book, Homecoming.
11. Run a marathon.
12. Learn how to ski well enough to do a double diamond course.
13. Show someone Jesus who didn't know him before.
14. Sing in public.


swimming upstream said...

I think you should definitely start with #14. You're ready. Go get'em tiger!