Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday morning, I received an email from a friend alerting me to the death of a college classmate. This was a boy that while I was never close to him, was significant for his always being on the fringe of my college existence, particularly freshman year.

I've been thinking about this boy these last 24 hours and trying to pinpoint the kind of loss I feel. In my memory of him, I remember him as friendly, but quiet and a little awkward. Because he was on our "brother floor" freshman year, he spent a lot of time wandering our floor hanging out in whomever's room was open. In my freshman mind I remember always feeling more than a little uncomfortable and more than a little judgemental of him.

Perhaps the loss is my realizing that I never truly took the time to see him for what he was, to see him as Christ saw him, and it isn't now, until his absence that I realize how wrong that was.