Monday, June 25, 2007

This is the great adventure!

Now that I've had a couple days (weeks) to catch my breath from the whirlwind of the past couple weeks I thought I'd rewind and review what's been going on:

*Vacation Bible School was two weeks and minus a few glitches, I think was a success. I love VBS. I get that fizzy feeling of excitment knowing that kids are hearing the gospel message and are excited about it! Thursday, the day we focus on Christ and his death and resurrection, is always the most powerful and this year was the same. During closing, we had a big cross that had been wrapped with Christmas lights but were unlit. We talked about how our sins made us like the unlit christmas lights. Then the kids took turns in their crews telling how things they were sorry for. After that, we talked about how Christ offers his forgiveness of all the sins and things we're sorry for because of his death on the cross and had the crew leaders come up and screw in the christmas lights as we sang a song. During the last verse of the song (were you there when they crucified my Lord) we turned on the christmas lights and I started to cry. Big -ugly oprah crying tears. It was pretty powerful, these kids praising God and hearing the message that they'd been forgiven. Have I mentioned that I love VBS?

*Sarah Wright came for the last couple days of VBS before going to KC to celebrate B and Mike's wedding. We went down to the Memorial (no pictures, though, unfortunately), ate good mexican and had a fantastic time on the way to the wedding with Laura. It was also great to see Bethany and Mike tie the knot (finally!) and to see the girls I spent the most time with in school.

It was intesting that even after only a few minutes we all slipped back into our old roles, me the organizer, Sarah the comic, Laura the artsy one, Lindsey the free spirit, and Bethany the academic. It was nice to be back in that place where we talked nerdy about Harry, talked about the music we were listening too, heard about jobs and moves and laughed about college adventures and made new inside jokes and just enjoyed being around each other. It was harder to say goodbye to my friends on Sunday than I had anticipated but I'm so looking forward to August, to Panama and to Vegas.

More soon.