Monday, July 09, 2007


This past year, I taught the 6th grade Old and New Testament as part of confirmation. After grading the last take home test this past week, I laughed out loud at some of the answers and some of the responses from these 6th graders over the past year.

On Song of Solomon
Hannah: Why do you think God created human sexuality?
6th grade boy: For Entertainment

On the Epistles:
Test question: What are the two types of Epistles? How are they different?
6th grade girl: They are different because they are the teaching letters and thank you letters.
6th grade boy: The Pauline epistles and the catholic epistles. The are different because the catholic letters are ACTUALLY books of the Bible.

On the Epistles:
Test Question: What does this verse mean? how does it relate to today?
6th grade boy: "... it means that we have a bad side that tells us what to do. DON'T DO IT. Today it means if somebody tells us to do drugs, we shouldn't do them"
Same Boy, different verse:.... "it means that God gives us good things, like my new phone."

On Saul/Paul:
Test Question: Who was Saul/Paul called to witness to?
6th grade boy: To the Lord
Test Question: Paul was called to witness to the Gentiles. What is a gentile?
Same boy: Someone who believes that violence is wrong.

Perhaps next year we'll spend more time on the epistles...


Sarah said...

kids say the craziest things...especially when trying to bull their way through a test! :) I remember doing that a few times in Kathy Miller's classes. See ya sooN!