Friday, June 01, 2007

Hot Town Summer in the City

*Edit* I realized that my title was wrong. I was combining two songs "Hot Child in the City" and "Hot Town, Summer in the City". It bothered me. Yes, I'm anal. Deal with it.

Happy Summer!

As the next few months are bound to be crazy, I thought I'd leave you with my list of summer goals.

Here they are, in no particular order:
1) Teach Soph the Step-dog to wipe her paws on the welcome mat (right now she just stares up at me in confusion). Also teach step-dog how to lint roll her own doggie hair.
2) Weekly Tennis with Jess.
3) Harry. Potter. Book. Seven. (I'm also contemplating writing a song to the tune of Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" titled "Talk Harry With Me").
4) 5K in Orlando with the Sister.
6) Learn to make (roll?) sushi.
7) Find Male chaperone to go to Angel Fire, New Mexico with middle schoolers and myself (I think that they've all been scared away by the last youth quake).
8) Vacation Bible School (Can I get a Wa-hoo?)
9) Operation Gravy Boat and the Wedding Circuit Reunion Tour with Nate (We need more stops folks!)
10) Hang out with Sarah before Nummelpalooza and perhaps in Denver in August/September?
11) Guitar lessons from Tim (who has promised to teach me how to fake it "real good").
12) Apply for passport.
13) "Enjoy" 48+ hours of bus time with 31 youth.
14) National Youth Gathering and the Servant Event in Biloxi.
15) Submit articles to Radiant Magazine.
16) Save the World.


Sarah said...

Saving the world is might be alot to handle, so to help you, I'll be holding on to Ida so you're not distracted by her. :) 11 days...

hannah said...

I want Ida. I can save the world and learn on Ida at the same time.

Sarah said...