Thursday, February 08, 2007


According to Spode's post, I'm it and supposed to write 5 weird things about me. Here goes:

1. My closet is organized by style, type and color . Example (though it's not really necessary, ya'll aren't idiots): Sweaters are categorized by a)sweater b) work or casual and c) color. The clothes of the season are placed in the center for easy access.

2. When I entered high school, I was 4 feet 11 inches and weighed about 70 pounds (I wore a size double zero and was asked by a senior if I were anorexic and if I needed help of some kind) and stayed pretty much the same height and weight until January of my Senior year in which I grew 7 inches in 6 months. I started college weighing about 100 pounds and was 5'7". Having spent most of my teenage years being shorter than everyone, I am sometimes startled by my height when standing next to someone else.

3. On "Chili day" in elementary school we were always served the same items: Chili, a stick of cheese (usually cheddar), crackers/cornbread, dill pickles and appleause. My classmates and I would add the cheese, crackers and pickles to our chili. I was also responsible for starting the 3rd Grade "Chocolate Milk Rebellion" that lasted for 3 weeks. Our cafeteria lady had to rearrange her whole milk order.

4. In the past, I have a dumpster dropped on my car, fallen on stage and broken my nose in front of 1000 people, gotten my hand stuck in my steering wheel, tripped over my own cuffed pants, faceplanted after jumping off a 50 foot cliff, and been attacked by a poisonous caterpillar.

5. Certain words cause me to shudder. Moist and puke are two that come to mind, but I'm sure there are others.

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tavox said...

excellentI site, like much your blog


Jamie Lynn said...

Love you and the hand-in-the-steering-wheel story :) I do believe I was one of the first to hear that story... Thanks for sharing your weirdness with us (even though we already knew you were weird)

m as in mollie said...

thanks for the encouraging words, hannah!