Thursday, February 01, 2007


Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Milestone Birthday.

Yesterday I turned 25 and I haven't decided yet whether or not it's going to cause a quarter-life crisis or not. In June, easily the most distressing month of all time, the mere thought of turning 25 (even 7 months away) caused me to panic. But now, having hit the 25 mark (and learning to check the 25-34 age range box), I haven't had the same kind of panic.

I think there are a lot of factors that would make me want to sit in a corner and weep for days, but there are also a lot of good things happening in my life, so for this post, I'm focusing on them.

*I have some good friends, some great friends actually. Spode and her man brain, Jamie and her ability to always overanalyze with me, kristy and her amazing loyalty (I really do think if i killed someone, she'd find 70 reasons why they deserved it and 30 different plans on how to hide the body). Not to mention, Bethany and S. Sarah, both Lindseys and everyone else who takes good care of me and loves me for me.

*Work is going well. Lots of things have changed for the better with this new year. I'm finally getting (I think) good at what I do. I'm seeing relationships grow and strengthen, plans working and falling into place, and it's quite exciting. I'm also looking forward to all of our high schooler's hard work paying off when we roll into Orlando this summer.

*I'm hopeful that there are good things yet to come, love, marriage, family, getting my masters' degree, buying a home, becoming debt free, etc. There've been a lot of good things that have happened to me, but I'm thinking it's only going to get better. :)

That's about all folks, ps, I do like presents, or better yet, gift cards to express.


Jamie Lynn said...

While I maintain my ability to overanalyze with you, I would like to note I do other things too. Like, make fun of your weemee, and call you to wish you a happy birthday when it's 6am in Alaska, and... well, I'm sure there's LOTS of things I do for you!

m as in mollie said...

hannah! i'm updating my blogger now - i thought you might be proud!!

Anonymous said...

i like how you said we (the youth group) ROLL.
cause you know its true.
Its how we roll.