Sunday, February 19, 2006

Winter wonderland

Winter has finally arrived in Oklahoma City! Saturday I woke up to a phone call from Pastor saying our Church council retreat had been cancelled so that meant 1)I could sleep in from my late night friday and 2) I had a free saturday (unheard of for me!). So after a couple more hours of sleeping in, I rolled out of bed, lazed around for a while, did my laundry, cleaned my bedroom, living room kitchen and bathroom, vaccuumed, got some free sonic :), ran to walmart with linz, got some snacks, talked to jess for a while, watched a couple movies, played some sequence and had a good old fashioned sleepover with linz. It was like a school snow day back in the day... school unexpectedly canceled and i didn't have to do a darn thing!


amy said...

I love Gwen and I love any angry girl music......I had a strong desire to do pink hair like her for some time......

Kristy Laughed said...

Hannie, I'm so glad that you got some "shade of winter." Lucky you, it means an actual day off!

Ames, you cracked me up with your song selection for Linz! I was pretty mortified that you used Bananas! :) And I think you'd look awesome in pink hair! Go for it!

Jessie L. said...

Hey Hannah, thanks for offering lunch the other day. Sorry i got the message late. I think "lazing" is kinda a word like SLICEY. but, yea, I read your other post and i think it would be totally slicey if we colored our hair... Lol it would make for a good bible study. jk.

Codeman said...

moving sucks a lot.

germs? really?

how on earth can you stand those two girls then?

(i'm kidding! they're not dirty!)