Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Growing Up and Getting Old

I was thinking last night about what it means to be a grown-up and here's some things I came up with. Feel free to add some of your own.

Growing up is:

1) Learning how to not overspend on what you make
2)Realizing that letting go is sometimes harder than trying to make things work.
3)Having as good a time (or better) with no alochol (and that just because I can legally drink doesn't mean I have to:)).
4)Understanding that even if it's the right person but the timing is wrong, it's not the right person.
5) Learning to love is scary, dangerous and makes you emotional.
6)Knowing that sometimes you have to handle a problem head-on even if it's messy and complicated.
7)Being patient and knowing that things don't always get solved on your time.
8)Letting yourself cry in front of someone you trust is harder than being "strong".
9) Knowing what limits are and how to use them.
10)Trusting that your friends know what they're talking about.
11)Building a new safety net in a new place.
12)Making where you live your home.
13)Learning to enjoy being single and learning how to live alone and like it.
14)Realizing that I'm not in college anymore and 2:00 am amigos runs aren't necessarily wise (or good for the hips).
15)Knowing that people count on me to do my job so I need to do it.
16) Realizing there's no grade system in this grown-up world.
17) Growing into a mature faith walk--one without the bells and whistles, but a quiet companionship.
18)Being the person that buys conditioner or groceries and takes out the trash.
19) Realizing you can't change a person, but you can change how you deal with the person.
20) Understanding there's nothing wrong with silence or change.


Lubke-Moss said...

*Realizing that your family will always be there for you.
*Trying new things gets harder and harder.
*You suddenly realize you have become your parents!
*Love comes in all forms and fashions - from the same person.
*The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know (yea, I know it's clichey SP?)
Good post, Hannah!

Jamie said...

Addendum to #12: Making where you live your home... and stopping referring to your childhood home as "home"
*Making friends with your parents
*Realizing that old friends are merely a phone call away and new ones are just around the corner
*Learning to do your own taxes (eek!)

Good post Hannie! Love you!