Thursday, October 06, 2005

Feels like fall, feels like love

I think there's something in air when the weather gets cooler. Fall reminds me of raking leaves, long walks, hot chocolate, hay rides, campfires, big bulky sweaters, new blue jeans, and for some strange reason, love. Maybe it's because it gets dark sooner and the weather holds a chill I want to be spending that time indoors with someone I love.

I think fall creates in me this feeling of longing for my hand to be held by my future husband.
I was talking to Bekah about it tonight as we walked around our apartment complex and we both agree that we're ready to settle. About how we want our next relationship to be spent with the men we will marry.

Related but random story: (it does have a point I promise) I made a promise to my dear pot that this kettle would not gratuitously make out with a boy unless he took me out on a date. A real, dinner date. Why? well, you see I've had a lot of first kisses but never seconds and that's because I've never kissed a boy I've been in a relationship with. I want that guy thats worth a second kiss to be the boy I marry. I'm ready for fall nights such as these to be spent with my husband and my kids.

So it comes back down to trust and patience. Patience in the God that makes the seasons, and trust that the God that creates a time and season for everything will create a time and season for my heart to love. :)