Thursday, December 09, 2010

Year in Review

I've been having a really hard time putting words into the things I've been feeling and experiencing these last few months. And as my readers know, the joy of being "frustratingly vague," is an accomplishment toward which I strive.

It is hard to talk about this year because it has been hard***.

There have been lots of wonderful, wonderful things that I've been able to experience this year: the New Years trip, Vegas, my grandpa's trip to DC, the whole entire month of June, the Re:Thread stores, the growing, more "mature" relationship with my sister*.

This year has also been a reminder of the many good things that I do have and a drawing closer to those who know me and have loved me best.

This year, however challenging it has been, has been bearable because of the Melsons, who've fed me cupcakes and alcohol; Kristy, who gave up some of her precious vacation to road trip to Colorado; the Caps and their hilarious son who invited me to his "Trash truck" party; and Jules, steady and dependable, with her unending empathy.

This year feels like it has been one big exercise in futility, despite all those good, good things that have happened.

And it could get better, or it could not.

Or things could change, or they could not.

January 1, 2011 could bring about something amazing, or it could not.

And I'm trying to find some peace in that.

*Mature is in quotes because when we talk on the phone, I still call her "big people**" just to make her mad and our voices tend to get higher in pitch the longer we talk. We also giggle. A Lot.

**It's not as bad as it sounds. Or maybe it is. It's an inside joke.

***Most of it by my own doing. Yes, the footnotes are out of order.